Versus 160 Leagues


Versus 160 Leagues Rules: Draft your team of 18 players at the beginning of the year, and run it like a normal Re-Draft team using the Waiver Wire. Trading of players and draft picks are not allowed in Versus 160 Leagues.  Instead of competing for the playoffs at the end of the year, you compete for highest weekly point total weeks 1 through 16.  Each Versus 160 League will consist of 10 Leagues with 16 Teams each that hold their drafts separately (160 Teams), and you compete against the other 159 teams for high point total at the end of the year.  Top 20 in points are paid out at the end of the year.  Versus 160 Leagues use a FLEX Player in place of the KICKER position. Limit one team entry per person per league of 16 teams; However you may enter up to 10 leagues per Versus 160 League group. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE RULES CAREFULLY!


Versus 160 Leagues Rules Snapshot
League Format Total Points Only, Top 20 paid out at the end of the year
League Size 160 Teams (10 Leagues With 16 Teams Per League) Compete Against All Teams From Each League For Weekly High Point Total
Draft Type Slow Email Drafts ONLY
Lineup Type Versus 160 Leagues FLEX Only. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 DEF/ST, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE)
Roster Maximum 18
Trades No Trades Allowed
Scoring Versus Balanced PPR Scoring Only
Waiver Type BB (Blind Bidding Waivers)
Entry Fee $50
League Duration One Year, Weeks 1 through 16

Entry Fees and Prize Structure

  • There are no additional fees beyond the initial entry fee
  • Should there be any ties prizes will be divided evenly
    • Should three (3) or more teams tie for 1st Place, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize payouts will be divided evenly among these teams
    • Should two (2) teams tie for 1st Place, 1st and 2nd place prize payouts will be divided evenly among these teams
    • Should two (2) or more teams tie for 2nd place, 2nd and 3rd place prize payouts will be divided evenly among these teams
    • Should two (2) or more teams tie for 3rd place, 3rd place prize payout will be divided evenly among these teams, and so on.
  • Entry Fees and Prize Structure Below:

Versus 160 Leagues Prize Payouts

Entry Fee $50
1st $1,831.50
2nd $1,165.50
3rd $765.90
4th $566.10
5th $482.85
6th $383.95
7th $299.70
8th $199.80
9th $133.20
10th $99.90
11th $79.92
12th $79.92
13th $79.92
14th $79.92
15th $79.92
16th $66.60
17th $66.60
18th $66.60
19th $66.60
20th $66.60
  1. League Structure
  • League size will consist of 10 leagues with 16 teams per league
  • Each league will have their own draft and their own player pool to choose from
  • There are no H2H (Head to Head) matchups.  Standings are based on total points scored
  • There is no divisional separation of teams
  • Rosters will be filled via draft


  1. Draft
  •  All drafts are serpentine (snake) style drafts with 3rd Round Reversal (3RR).  3RR drafts help balance the talent in larger leagues by making the first picks in the draft slightly less valuable.
  • Round 1: 1-16
  • Round 2: 16-1
  • Round 3: 16-1
  • Round 4: 1-16
  • Round 5: 16-1
  • Round 6: 1-16, etc…
  • The league software on randomly determines the draft order
  • Team owners can see the draft order once the league has been setup at
  • Team owners are required to have an internet connection to submit their draft picks
  • Team owners may pre-draft players. The league drafting software allows for the submission of a list of draft picks prior to a team’s turn to pick. The software automatically selects the highest rated player on the submitted list when it is that team’s turn to pick. Pre-drafting is encouraged as a backup plan in case of technical difficulties and to reduce the time it takes to draft.
  • The draft consists of enough rounds to fill each team’s roster
  • The draft timer SLOW: 4 hours (paused from 12 AM to 10 AM EST)
  • If the timer expires the league software automatically selects a player.  First choosing from the pre-ranking by the owner, and finally from the Average Draft Position list
  • At his discretion the commissioner may pause the draft timer due to technical difficulties
  • At his discretion the commissioner may undo and/or correct draft picks if an owner error has been made. If the error can reasonably be corrected without impacting the draft substantially it may be corrected by the commissioner


  1. Rosters and Lineups
  • The roster minimum is a full starting lineup during the season (not necessarily upon completion of the Draft)
  • No IR Spots are allowed in Versus 160 Leagues
  • Roster maximum is 16 for Versus 160 Leagues
  • The Versus 160 FLEX starting lineup consists of 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 DEF/ST, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE)
  • The deadline for submitting a starting lineup is at kickoff of each player’s game
  • Starting lineups will be hidden until kickoff of each individual player’s game
  • After kickoff of each game, players are locked into or out of the starting lineup
  • If no lineup is submitted, the lineup shall default to last week’s submitted lineup
  • Owners must re-submit their lineup after making any transaction that removes a player from their previously submitted lineup, such as a trade or waiver move


  1. Scoring
  • Decimal scoring is used to help prevent ties
  • Versus 160 Leagues use Versus Balanced PPR Scoring ONLY
  • Defenses may score negative points if they give up excessive points
  • Individual players may score negative points for negative yardage
  • The NFL finalizes stats approximately 1 hour after the Monday night game. If the NFL makes any further changes after stats are finalized, Versus will not change any stats or scores.



Versus Balanced PPR Scoring Offense
Passing TD 4 Points Each
Passing Yards .04 Point for Every 1 Yard
Pass Attempts .05 Point for Every 1
Pass Completions .20 Point for Every 1
Rush Attempts .20 Points Each
Rushing & Receiving TD 6 Points Each
Rushing & Receiving Yards .10 Point for Every 1 Yard
Receptions (Non-Running Back) 1 Point Each
Receptions (Running Back) .50 Point Each
2 Point Conversion 2 Points Each
INT / Fumble Lost to Opponent -2 Points Each
Defense & Special Teams
Takeaways 2 Points Each
Sacks 1 Point Each
Safeties 2 Points Each
Total Points Allowed 10 Points for 0, and then -.30 for Every 1
Defensive & Special Teams TD’s 6 Points Each


  1.  Waiver System
  • Versus Fantasy Football uses a BB (Blind Bidding) waiver system
  • Team owners bid for free agents
  • Any player not currently on an active league roster is a free agent
  • The first Wednesday after the Draft, BB Waivers will begin @ 10:00am EST.  BB Waivers will automatically processed by the league software @ 10:00am the following Wednesday.  There are no FCFS (First Come, First Served) waivers until after Week 1 Kickoff.  This BB waiver period will run each week until kickoff of NFL Week 1
  • After Week 1 kickoff team owners may submit their bids between 1:00pm EST Sunday, and 10:00am EST Wednesday each week
  • The league software will automatically process the bids shortly after 10:00am EST each Wednesday.  The FCFS waiver period will commence at this time, and end at 1:00pm EST Sunday kickoff
  • There are no FCFS (First Come, First Served) waivers until after Week 1 kickoff
  • Free agent pickups are unlimited
  • Players picked up are available immediately for that week’s games or for trade
  • Each team is allotted 2,000 BB Dollars at the beginning of the season
  • No additional BB Dollars will be allotted during the course of the season
  • Bids must be a minimum of 1 credit, and in increments of 1.0 credits above that
  • The earliest submitted bid wins a tie-bid situation
  • Teams can submit as many bids as they choose
  • Your top players bid at each position can exceed your blind bidding dollars available. The computer will limit your second, or third, etc… player’s bid to the blind bidding dollars available if your bids exceeded your available funds
  • If you wish to receive one player over another you must submit a higher bid on that player as there is no priority when submitting your bids
  • The Commissioner will not correct improperly placed bids/dropped players after the bids have been processed. Even if it’s obvious as to the intention; However, from time to time a mistake can be made such as clicking a wrong button when dropping a player.  If this happens notify the commissioner within 60 minutes.  If the dropped player gets awarded to a new team during the blind bidding process the transaction is FINAL
  • Consult the Blind Bidding Help Page for helpful information on how Blind Bids are processed
  • Dropped Players are locked until 1:00pm EST on Sunday (until next week’s BB period)
  • Players that are picked up and dropped during the same FCFS period may be unlocked with an owner’s request to the Commissioner. This prevents owners from picking up and dropping a lot of players just to lock them from opponents
  • The blind bidding, and/or free agency pickup periods are open throughout the entire season
  • A League Calendar is available on each league’s page which outlines the dates and times that transactions may take place
  • The commissioner has the right to freeze the roster of an owner that intentionally drops players for the purposes of sabotaging the league


  1. Playoffs
  • There are no playoffs in Versus 160 Leagues
  • Total Points scored for each week determine the weekly winners




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