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SBFSTA Fights To Save Fantasy

Hello Versus FF Players,

Please read this article completely.  When you finish reading, we ask that you please go to and support our efforts as best as you can. The fantasy sports hobby you love is under attack across the country, and it needs your help now more than ever!

An existential battle is being waged in the state capitols across the country with the future of the fantasy sports industry hanging in the balance. The landscape of our hobby may be changed forever, and Versus Fantasy Football and other fantasy sports companies are not going to sitting idly by without having our voices heard.

The Small Businesses of Fantasy Sports (SBFSTA) is a new trade association whose purpose is to protect the collective existence of small businesses within the fantasy sports industry and ensure that fantasy players worldwide always have options when it comes to playing fantasy sports.

Versus Fantasy Football is one of the founding members of this new organization. We are fighting for your rights and for our rights. Many SBFSTA members held a press conference in Albany on Tuesday after meeting with legislators Monday.

Here are just a handful of news stories written about the SBFSTA’s mission. The rest can be found at this link here.

FanDuel, DraftKings and the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) have been spending massive amounts of cash to lobby within states to officially gain legal status for daily fantasy sports (DFS) and become regulated. This legislation typically lumps season-long companies together with DFS.As a result, in the last few weeks we have seen Virginia and Indiana pass fantasy sports laws with huge registration fees that no one in the industry can afford outside the 2-3 giants. Neither Versus Fantasy Football nor any other season-long company has the financial means to pay these type of fees. And New York is next with a proposed $500,000 registration fee and 15% tax on gross revenue. And virtually every state in the nation is at also risk.

Unless we act now. The SBFSTA cannot do it alone. Its need help from you: The Players.

We are asking fantasy players to please donate to this non-profit organization. Your donation helps to fund this battle and will pay for the lobbying and media we need to get our voices heard. The better financed the Small Businesses of Fantasy Sports Trade Association is, the more change we can affect in every state. The SBFSTA will fight for your rights to continue playing fantasy sports where you want and when you want. Do not let fantasy sports become a DFS duopoly where only two Goliaths are left standing.Please go to: and support our efforts. Donate what you can, and as often as you can. We also encourage you to spread the word to your fellow fantasy players. Together, we will save our great hobby for everyone across the nation.

Thanks so much, players!

Mike & the Versus Fantasy Football Team