Blind Bidding Waivers

What Are Blind Bidding Waivers?

Blind Bidding is a free agent waiver move that allows all league owners an equal chance of acquiring free agents.  The team that bids the most for any particular player wins that player, and is deducted the amount bid from their Blind Bidding Budget.  In our Versus Fantasy Football Leagues, each team is awarded $1,000 “Blind Bidding Dollars” at the beginning of the year, and can spend as little or as much of it as they choose.  No other owners can see what other owners are bidding for each individual player.

We at Versus believe Blind Bidding is the fairest waiver system available for our leagues.  The Blind Bidding process gives each team an equal chance at acquiring free agents.  It is not a “worst-to-first” process, and there is no mad rush for players at a certain time each week.  After Week 1 kickoff team owners may submit their bids between 1:00pm EST Sunday, and 10:00am EST Wednesday each week.

If you have any questions regarding the Blind Bidding waiver process please email the commissioner at

How do I Enter Blind Bidding Requests?

  • On the league homepage go to the top-right menu, and click “Add Player”

BBHELP1Click Images to Enlarge

  1. From the “Player To Add:” list, select the free agent you would like to pick up.
  2. In the “Bid Amount” field, enter the dollar amount of your bid (without the dollar sign).
  3. From the “Player To Drop:” list, select the player from your roster that you would like to drop, assuming that you are able to pick up the desired player from step 1 above.
  4. Click on the “Add to List” button.
  5. Repeat the above steps for any pick you’d like to attempt in this Group.



  • You may remove a pick by clicking on the “<Remove From List” button.
  • Now that your picks are prioritized, click on the “Save Bids” button to get confirmation of your bids, and that’s it!



  • Once you save you bids you should see a screen confirmation as below:


Can we drop multiple players for blind bids? 

No, only one player may be dropped with every corresponding bid.

How are tie bids awarded in the offseason when no standings have occurred?

Versus Fantasy Football awards the earliest submitted blind bidding request in the event of a tie.


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