Communication on League Page

Message Board

Each league has the ability to communicate with one another by posting messages and replying via a league Message Board. Each message post and subsequent replies make up one message thread. Owners are allowed to post message and respond to message board items if allowed by your league commissioner.

Post a Message

1. Go to your Communication > Message Board while logged in as an owner.

2. Click on the Add Topic link on the top of the page to create a new message thread for your board.

3. Create a Subject topic and Message in the body for your league to view and respond.

4. There is an option to have the system email a message when league-mates have replied to your topics. Check that box before posting your message.

5. Once finished composing, you may Preview your message then click the Post button to post it to your League Message Board for all owners to see.

Viewing & Replying to Messages

1. Go to Communication > Message Board.

2. The left hand column titled Topic will display all Message Board Posts. Click on this Topic to view the Message and the replies.

3. To Reply to a message thread click on the [Reply] link corresponding to a specific message in which you wish to reply. Follow the same steps for Posting a Message above. You can also copy a previous message into your reply via the [Quote] link. Optionally, you can edit out any of the test you don’t want quoted in your reply.

Private Message

You have an option to send a private message to another owner in your league. These messages are similar to email, but offer the league a way to keep all communication within the league itself.

1. Go to your Communication > Message Board while logged in as an owner.

2. Click on the Private Message link on the top of the page.

3. Here you can view messages that have been sent to you or choose the option Send Message.

4. Choose from the Drop Down box a recipient to receive your Private Message.

5. Create a topic Subject and Message to send to the other owner.

6. Once finished composing, you may Preview your message then, click the Send button to send to the recipient.

Note: You may only send a private message to a league-mate after they have visited your league message board for the first time. Also, you will by default receive an email message from the system when you do have new private message (this can be disabled in the “Options” section).

League Articles

This screen allows all owners to define a ‘news’ article for the league. Alternately it can be used as a form of trash-talking. Regardless of how your league uses this feature, if the League Article Module is defined in the Home Page Setup for each owner then the most recent article will appear on the Home Page.

1. Go to Communication >League Articles . Here you can view all previous articles and subjects written by your league.

2. To create a new league article simply click on the Write New Article link found under any topic.

3. Now enter your Headline and Body of the Article. You also have the option to add a Picture along with a Picture Caption to your article.

4. Once finished, you MUST click the Save Article button to have your article viewed by the league.

Note: If you need to later edit your article you may do so by clicking the Edit This Article link on the League Articles page.

League Polls

League Polls can be used either for entertainment or league business such as voting or trade approvals.

Create/Edit League Polls

1. Go to your Communication > League Polls.

2. Click on the Create/Edit League Polls link to define a new poll.

3. Enter in a Poll Question under the Create a New Poll column.

4. Fill in at least one answer to define a new poll (not all poll answers need to be defined.

5. Alternately you can check the box at the bottom of the poll to automatically make all franchise names poll answers.

6. Define a time when voting in the poll must end.

7. After you have designed your poll you must click the Save Poll button in order to send the poll to the league.

Optionally you can edit or delete your league polls that you have created by clicking your Edit or Delete links next to their topics. Editing polls however does not erase any previously-defined information.

Voting for Polls

1. To vote for a poll go to Communication > League Polls.

2. Here league polls will show the question at the top of the page and options to choose which answer or team in which you’d like to vote. To vote simply choose an answer and click the Vote! Button.

Once you vote for a poll you will see the status of that poll (how many votes are for each topic).

League Chat

This interface allows instant messaging for all owners that are logged into a league at the same time. If the league chat is open then each owner can chat in real time.

1. Go to Communication > League Chat.

2. A small screen will come up. View all other franchises on-line via the drop down box. All messages should be posted by each owner. Under league post you may enter your chat in the empty field.

3. Make sure you click Post to send your comment to the Chat board.

Note that if you “mouse over” a message you will be able to see when that message was posted.

If you wish to clear your league chat once complete simply enter a post that states
:clear: and then hit ths post button to clear the chat board.

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board allows each owner to post a single message. Each owner can view and edit their own messages, as well as view other messages from other teams.

1. Go to Communication > Bulletin Board.

2. Enter your message in the Editing box below your Franchise Name.

3. You MUST click Update Message when finished to apply your changes.

Here you can view your message along with other owners messages on one page.

While all of the above communication options in your league are found under the Communications tab on the menu bar, some are available directly on your Home Page. You may optionally add the Message Board Topics, League Polls, League Articles and also League Chat to your Home Page.

If these appear on your home page then when logged in you may add, edit, view, vote or chat to any of the above topics directly from your home page.

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