Fair Play Policy

We at Versus Fantasy Football want all users to have fun, and enjoy their fantasy experience to the highest extent.  While playing in our leagues please exhibit good sportsmanship, and play fairly to ensure all users enjoy a great experience.

Each Versus Fantasy Football customer should abide by these policies:

  •  Tanking will not be tolerated.  You are expected to make every reasonable effort to set your best roster possible every week of competition, even if you are out of the running for prizes. The Commissioner and other owners will monitor this. This includes an owner failing to submit a quality lineup, or blatantly changes their roster to tank a game.  Examples of this would be starting players who have been hurt, suspended, or players who are on their bye weeks.  Should this happen you will draw a warning from the Commissioner.  If a team is found to be tanking after the warning the commissioner may take more serious action to resolve the situation in accordance with the selected penalties listed below, up to and including expulsion from the league. That owner loses control of their team and forfeits any partial league fees they may have paid. Please note that hopefully this will never occur.

    Examples of Anti-Competitive Behavior

    1. Making trades that result in worsening your team in order to stock another team who plays a rival you want/need to lose.

    2. Trading if you do not intend to return the following year (Dynasty, Keeper and Ultimate GM Leagues).  If you don’t plan on returning next year, please just set your roster as best you can and do not drop/trade any players. Let the new owner next year pick their keepers (if appropriate) and make their own trades.

    3. Collusion – Any collusion between teams, including trading to consolidate better players on one team and/or agreeing to share winnings by acting in concert, is strictly prohibited.  Two or more owners making arrangements to influence the results of league activities, such as auctions, player availability, draft standing or game outcomes. Any unsportsmanlike conduct coordinated between two or more owners is considered collusion.

    4. “Loaning” players is not allowed (i.e. “I’ll trade you my backup QB, but you have to give it back after your bye week.”). All parts of a trade should be fully disclosed to the league so they can evaluate it for fairness. No delayed or two part deals should be made (i.e. “You give me LT this week and I’ll give you LJ next week,” or,”Here’s a 3 player for 3 player trade, but I don’t want to give you my RB until next week. Let’s trade the other 2 for 2 now and agree to swap the remaining players next week”)

    5. Adding and Dropping players frequently to tie up their status is not allowed.

    6. Dumping players – An owner who, for any reason, cuts players from his team who are obviously valuable will receive a warning from the Commissioner to cease. If the owner continues to dump, the Commissioner will take more serious action to resolve the situation in accordance with the selected penalties listed below, up to and including expulsion from the league. Obviously, there are always going to be a few borderline cuts made but cutting obvious fantasy starters, or large quantities of average players in an obvious attempt to increase draft position, make players available to others by way of collusion or to sabotage the integrity of the league will not be tolerated.

    If at anytime an owner breaks a rule or displays behavior in any way judged by the commissioner as detrimental to the league, the commissioner has both the right and obligation to act in such a way as to protect the league.  He will utilize a variety of actions to balance the league and attempt to fix bad behaviors. It is expected that the following actions will be rare and not undertaken lightly.

    The Commissioner reserves the right to utilize the following options:

  • Loss of trading privileges for a specified or indeterminate period.
  • Loss of bidding privileges for a specified or indeterminate period.
  • Loss of future draft choices.
  • Loss of chat board privileges.
  • Removing owner from team.
  • Any combination of sanctions deemed appropriate by the Commissioner.
  • If some league rules cannot be enforced on the MFL website, teams are responsible for knowing and following all league rules, even if the website allows illegal roster moves to occur.
    Penalties, at the discretion of the Commissioner, may be enforced at anytime including retroactively. The commissioner may use an owner’s past record in considering the severity and length of penalties.  None of the commissioners wish to impose any of these and have very rarely had to in any of the leagues they have run in the past.  But we reserve the right to protect the integrity of the league and fellow teammates, especially in cases of clear collusion, cheating, or intentional sabotage of the league.

    Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is to be followed by owners in all of our leagues.
Participation is the force that drives a fantasy football league. If there is no interaction going on between owners, no trades, no trash talk, no football talk, the league can fall apart because there will be no fun. Owners are encouraged to go out there and start a new rivalry.  Not only for their own enjoyment, but also for the betterment of the league.  Preparedness is the key to long-term success in a fantasy league. Owners who come to the draft prepared, are aware of the free-agent market and spend time on researching players and studying league rules usually experience the most success. Owners are also encouraged to stay on top of NFL happenings year-round, not only for their own enjoyment, but for the benefit of the league.

Communication is key in a fantasy football league. Players and Commissioners alike need to be timely, complete and accurate with the information they provide to one another. In a game like fantasy football communication is the only way that everybody can share the construct that is collectively built. Owners are encouraged to over-communicate rather than under-communicate whenever possible, not only for their own benefit, but also for the good of the league.

Sportsmanship helps make fantasy football a much more pleasant experience for everyone. The fantasy football environment is competitive, but sportsmanship is knowing where to draw the line.  If a team gets out of hand in your league please let us know as soon as possible.  Excessive flaming will not be tolerated.

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