State Regulations Page

Beginning in the Spring of 2016, various states began to impose a series of taxes, license fees, and regulatory requirements on all Fantasy Football providers. These additional costs are passed on to our customers as regulatory fees. Because states have varying costs, residents in different states will be charged different fees. These fee calculations are subject to change annually.

Because the new financial and compliance audits required by various states benefit the entire fantasy football community, we have chosen to spread some of the cost to residents of all locations. Everyone must help keep the hobby alive, and everyone benefits from regulation, so everyone will be charged at least a minimum regulatory fee.

Your regulatory fee pays for:

  1. Taxes and compliance fees in your state
  2. Licensing in your state
  3. Financial audits required by your state
  4. Compliance audits required by your state
  5. Accounting and filing in your state
  6. Legal fees for compliance research

We have divided the cost of regulatory fees between all locations based on this year’s projected participation. Below are the per-team regulatory fees we must charge for each state this year, rounded to the nearest dollar.


State  Regulatory Fee
Alberta $3.00
Alaska $3.00
Alabama $3.00
Arkansas $3.00
Arizona Not Licensed
British Columbia $3.00
California $3.00
Colorado $3.00
Connecticut $3.00
Delaware Not Licensed
Florida $3.00
Georgia $3.00
Hawaii $3.00
Iowa Not Licensed
Idaho $3.00
Illinois $3.00
Indiana Not Licensed
Kansas $3.00
Kentucky $3.00
Louisiana Not Licensed
Massachusetts $3.00
Manitoba $3.00
Maryland $3.00
Maine $3.00
Michigan $3.00
Minnesota $3.00
Missouri Not Licensed
Mississippi Not Licensed
Montana Not Licensed
New Brunswick $3.00
North Carolina $3.00
North Dakota $3.00
Nebraska $3.00
Newfoundland and Labrador $3.00
New Hampshire $3.00
New Jersey $3.00
New Mexico $3.00
Nova Scotia $3.00
Northwest Territories $3.00
Nunavut $3.00
Nevada $3.00
New York $6.00
Ohio $3.00
Oklahoma $3.00
Ontario $3.00
Oregon $3.00
Pensylvania $3.00
Prince Edward Island $3.00
Quebec Not Licensed
Rhode Island $3.00
South Carolina $3.00
South Dakota $3.00
Saskatchewan $3.00
Tennessee Not Licensed
Texas $3.00
Utah $3.00
Virginia Not Licensed
Vermont Not Licensed
Washington Not Licensed
Wisconsin $3.00
West Virginia $3.00
Wyoming $3.00
Yukon Territory $3.00
Outside US and Canada $3.00